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Application Support for Supervisors

Sep 26, 2023

As a provider of a large volume of supervision, Provisional Psychologist Hub empathises with other organisations working through the busiest part of the year supporting their aspiring provisional psychologists with applications. Many aspiring provisional psychologists reach out to our organisation to ask questions as they work through the daunting task of completing their application and entering into psychological practice, often for the first time. 

  • What are the 8 core competencies? 
  • What should I include if my role doesn't cover all the criteria? 
  • What should be included in my position description? 
  • What is psychological practice? 
  • My supervisor said I am using a protected title, what does that mean? 
  • Can you provide me an example of what I should be including in the responses for the 8 core competencies? 
  • How do I submit my application? 
  • Do I need my supervisors to sign before I submit? 
  • I need to include something in the application that there isn't a box for, what do I do?

While we and many other organisations and board approved supervisors may find these questions straight forward to answer, when you are doing so for a caseload of supervisees it can be time consuming to provide the swift back and forth responses needed to ensure a fast turnaround and a quality standard of application. 

Provisional Psychologist Hub has developed a cost effective series of professional development designed to provide proactive responses to these questions and ensure all your supervisees/employees are well informed on how to complete their application in advance. We see hundreds of applications come through our organisation and we have drawn on the experience we have had to increase the standard of every application we receive. Now, we want to share that knowledge with other organisations to make their lives easier, and lift the quality of applications nationally. 

We would all agree that having a strong foundation of knowledge at this point of the pathway sets the individual, the employer and the supervisors up for a successful journey forward. Often, the application process sets out the plan for this foundation. It initiates the first interaction with the person being employed or supervised, and cements the impression they will carry with them for weeks or months while they await their outcome. 

This professional development will enable the individual to develop their application with the guidance they need before they consult with their employer, principal or secondary supervisor. It will provide them with all the necessary templates they never knew they needed including the letters their supervisor or employer might otherwise need to complete for them. 

The series of professional development contains over 20 pre-recorded webinars that range between 5 to 60 minutes, and they will have access to these for up to 12 months should they need to refer back to them for a change of role. 

We recognise that aspiring provisional psychologists are often not yet working, so we have made the price point much lower than our other professional development of this volume, with a flat fee of just $59.00. 

To view more information on this professional development we have included a link following; 

To share this with your employees, if you are an employer, or your supervisees if you are a board approved supervisor, we have included the purchase link here; 

This professional development is stage two of our network of professional development designed to compliment the journey of a psychologist and we are so excited to be able to share it with our wider network of peers. 

Stage 1: Professional Development for Aspiring Provisional Psychologists - RELEASED 

Stage 2: Application, Forms and Submission Process - RELEASED 

Stage 3: Professional Development for Provisional Psychologists - RELEASED 

Stage 4: Professional Development for Psychologists - RELEASED


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