Supervisor Masterclasses

Learn from one of the leading providers of board approved supervision in Australia. With content developed by board approved supervisors providing oversight to hundreds of supervisees at every stage of their career you will gain access to resources developed in response to years of clinical consultation of over 60 board approved supervisors at Provisional Psychologist Hub.

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5 Years Access to Recorded Webinars

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Supervision: A Practical Approach 

In Supervision: A Practical Approach we will provide you the most comprehensive techniques and resources to deliver successful supervision to your supervisees. We will go back to basics to arm you with the tools you need for supervision efficiency and a structure for success so that you can provide the support your supervisees need in the time you have in session.

Sessions will commence in 2024. Each Masterclass will run as 2 half day sessions so that you can fit it into your busy schedule. 

Quarter 2 Masterclass 

SESSION 1 of 2:
May 30th 2024, 9.30am to 1.00pm AEST

SESSION 2 of 2:
June 6th 2024, 9.30am to 1.00pm AEST


Quarter 3 Masterclass 

SESSION 1 of 2:
4th Sept 2024, 10.30am to 2.00pm AEST

SESSION 2 of 2:
11th Sept 2024, 10.30am to 2.00pm AEST


Course Overview

This masterclass will guide the Board-approved supervisor through the importance of building a strong foundation in the supervisee/ supervisor relationship (supervisor competency 2). It will explore the importance of having a clear and transparent approach that will create the framework for robust and open discussion throughout supervision sessions (supervisor competency 1).

This masterclass will include an introduction to confidentiality, financial dealings, record keeping and service agreements, relevant to the supervisee relationship (supervisor competency 6). This knowledge will extend to include the varied types of supervisee relationships dependent on the pathway and stage that the supervisor is joining the supervisee on. We will discuss considering supervisee context and diversity (supervisor competency 5), and the key information that both the supervisee and the supervisor need to be across to build trust and confidence in the discussions taking place (supervisor competency 1).

The masterclass will transition into a focus on working with provisional psychologists, undertaking an internship program, and the complexities that come with a relationship that oversees, guides, and assesses the practice of the supervisee (supervisor competency 3).

This workshop will explore the different hats that a board approved supervisor wears during this pathway and managing the process of providing and taking constructive feedback and positive reinforcement during a challenging time in the pathway to becoming a psychologist (supervisor competency 4).

Finally, this workshop will educate in the importance of monitoring and tracking when overseeing a provisional psychologist and taking a practical approach to working through the key reporting requirements and managing these efficiently.


Supervisors in Dual Roles

Context of the Supervisee


Logbook and Supervision Ratio Challenges

Service Agreements


Pathways in Psychology

Internship Forms and Processes