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Peer Consultation for Supervisors and Psychologists

Sep 26, 2023

 With the launch of Psychologist Hub and Psychology Supervisor Hub we are pleased to release two new supervision services on our online portal. 

Peer Consultation (Supervision) for Supervisors 

Have you considered peer consultation with another board approved supervisor? There are so many different ways to supervise, we believe it is beneficial to share techniques and see if there might be approaches that will improve your way of doing things. Reflective practice is important at all stages of psychological practice and reflecting on supervision can benefit your supervisees and supervision processes. You may want to explore and discuss topics such as; 

  • Improving communication with supervisees 
  • Upskilling in managing underperforming provisional psychologists 
  • Increasing supervision capacity 
  • Overcoming barriers within supervision 
  • Increasing resources and skills
  • Improving time management and administration 
  • Reducing stress related to managing a caseload of supervisees
  • Increase understanding of PsyBA guidelines 
  • Increase undertaking of the role of board-approved supervisors

To book a session you can book and pay using our online portal, go to; and select "Book Appointment" then select "Supervision for Supervisors

Peer Consultation (Supervision) for Psychologists

In accordance with the Registration Standard (CPD) psychologists must complete a minimum of 30 hours of CPD activities annually during the period 1 December until 30 November. At least 10 of these hours must be peer consultation. Psychologist Hub have over 30 Board Approved Supervisors able to offer peer consultation in the form of individual or group supervision. Draw from the range of skills and experience our supervisors have to offer including but not limited to;

💡 Psychometric assessment 

💡 Intervention with trauma

💡 Working with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

💡 Working with children, adolescents and separated families

💡 Working with adults 

💡 Risk Assessment 

💡 Professional development discussion and reflection

💡 Occupational rehabilitation 

💡 Forensic, clinical, organisational and education and developmental psychology 

To book a session you can book and pay using our online portal, go to; and select "Book Appointment" then select "Supervision for Psychologists


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